Nassib Bunda Foundation is an United States Of America and Africa based nonprofit organization that seeks to provide help to families and communities through out africa. For example things like Education, Food, Clothing, Agriculture, Medication and much more.

Donate towards basic clothing and shoes for
thousands of adults and children who need it most..

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We send Cargo Containers on a regular basis to Somalia and neighboring countries in East Africa.


People who need help the most.

Here is a few images and videos showing the people we help in their struggle.
These are one of the many kids who live through the day without any help of medication, education and any kind of help. young kids In Africa, serve water and food to make little money. if you’re driving a young female/male will run to your car and ask you to buy some water or fruit on the middle of the street. They only charge like 20 to 15 cents. These young adults were hired to do this by local store owners. the only way they get paid is by selling whatever being give to them to make money. they have to go all the way back to the store to get more in the burning hot sand with nothing to wear on their feet sometimes, all this to only make one or two cents for each drink and portions of fruits they sell. Nasiib Bunda Foundation wants to help these kids change their life-style and give them what they deserve, if they had the education and mind to help their selves out and think bigger, there would be a big difference in their lives. You can Help these kids in anyway by Donating what ever you can to the Foundation, all of us and the kids in need appreciate every little help you can give thank you.
Our goal to these kids are to teach them basic every day skills such as math/ computing/ problem solving and much more. To have better earning and part of that will be Learning about computer hardware and software, Microsoft office. This going to open up opportunities throughout all aspects of their lives. The IT portion who is going to teach them is good friends that are fully committed to helping, protecting, and serving these young kids and good people in Africa. We started out with handing them school supplies to read and write, starting from their basic ABC's and 123's and 2+2 math skills. On from there we will go through basic computer skills to beginners programming like ways to address hardware issues, software issue also putting computer together from scratch. Something that will get them motivated and educated. We are giving them our time to help them rise into this world. If Nasiib Bunda can do it also you people can do it. And we can do together to change their life of living. Teaching them them Microsoft, first with Word, then Excel, and PowerPoint is mandatory as they become more proficient and pick up the system. They’ll be able to apply for jobs, they’ll learn how to build resumes. Once they learn the basic skills, they’ll be able to go find jobs. For instance, I had to hire people who knew how to run computers. We are trying to provide a cottage industry so some will get sale skills, some will get tech skills, and some will be able to get outside jobs.