3 basic Human needs: Food, Clothes and Shelter.
We aim to Making a better living for those in need

Nasiib Bunda Foundation is a nonprofit organization, all dedicated to solving everyday issues and problems the people of Africa face, also reducing the challenges this continent face. Whether we are distributing books to school children, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of dangerous diseases, supporting small businesses for women, or finding new approaches to protect endangered agriculture fields.

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We are officially registered as a Non-Profit Organization in USA.

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Once we have our shipping container full of yours and many other's donations, we will send the clothes to East Africa, where a shop will be set up to distribute the clothes. All clothes are needed. We supply adult men and women, youth and even the local birth center at nearby hospitals. If you don't have many clothes to donate please consider a PayPal donation as we have strong connections to acquire wholesale lots of clothing from local sources.

Thank you for your kindness and human compassion to help those in need.