Members of Nasiib Bunda Foundation

We are more than 20 sponsors that help make this program and charity possible.

Is a Seattle based businessman in the field of transportation. He has a family and his other primary focus is Nasiib Bunda Foundation. Amin Kerrow is the ultimate decision maker in regards to the Nasiib Bunda Foundation and its progress of everything of the organization.

Is the organization's super visor. Current place of work is in Somalia, in control of actions of other members and gives instructions if needed in the Nasiib Bunda Foundation organization.

A member of the organization, currently works in The U.S, helps with organization follow ups and meetings, advertises for the foundation.

Secretary of the organization, currently working in Somalia and is in charge of many tasks throughout the day such as setting up meetings, answering calls with other businessmen, and keeping files..

Speaker of the organization, currently works in the United States, in charge of informing the organization to other people, teaching what Nasiib Bunda Foundation is about and why we are doing what we are doing.

Directory of the Organization, currently works in the U.S. In charge of file keeping and organizing of organization documents.

Member of Nasiib Bunda Foundation, currently a family man and worker in the United States, supports the organization with community events and business card distrubiting.